Northumbrian Birder in search of Dragonflies !!

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This is just a blog diary on my growing interest in dragonflies, not meant to be too serious, just somewhere I can put some photos and comments on what I have observed.



Friday, 25 June 2010

Black Tailed Skimmer

Black Tailed Skimmer.........Orthetrum cancellatum
First Black Tailed Skimmer of the year on the 22 June, another species I don't know much about . they tend to fly low and often alight on the ground but this does not aid trying to get photographs as the detail is often lost.

Four Spot Chaser

Four Spot Chaser in flight 23-7-2010

Four Spot Chaser....... Libellula quadrimaculata
First one seen on the 17th june, they seem much more common this year with some ponds having double figures , I don't know much about them as all I have seen of them is they patrol an area , but at least they alight frequently often on the same perch or a number of perches if the sun is moving around


Emperor............Anax imperator
I think I first encountered these some years ago in Norfolk at Cley Marsh , at the time did not think a great deal about them as nobody seemed to interested in Dragonflies.
My next encounter was in Barcelona at a pool in a small park, there was al sorts of Dragonflies & Damselflies especially these Emperors.......I was starting to get hooked on them .
The first Emperor of the year was noted on the 17th June, they have a tendency to fly what seems like constantly , patrolling back and forth over their chosen area, occasionally dashing off to chase a rival or perhaps some prey, but also occasionally they will hang up and if you are lucky let you get some photos

Male Emperor with an Azure damselfly about to try and settle on it's wing

Female Emperor egg laying in the dense vegetation, in this case right in the middle of the pond
They can remain in the same position for some time. Older Females can take on the colour of the Male
Again an Azure Damselfly trying to settle on the females wing

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Turkey Dragonflies

Slender Skimmer

Dragonflies(Warrior Flies) Anisoptera
These where taken end of April start of May S/W Turkey around Dalyan
I still can't work out why some will enlarge fine while others are just too large ?

Scarce Chaser (Blue Chaser) Libellula fulva

With Prey

Violet Dropwing   Trithemis annulata

Violet Dropwing female

Broad Scarlet (Scarlet darter) Crocothemis erythraea

Green Eyed Hawker (Norfolk hawker) Aeshna isoceles

Slender Skimmer Orthetrum sabina

Female Black Tailed Skimmer  Orthetrum cancellatum Ovipositing by just dipping momentarily in the water